Arkansas Week and executions enigma explained

Tom joined AETN’s “Arkansas Week” on Friday, April 14 to discuss all of the latest (at the time) information related to the seven planned Arkansas executions in eleven days.

It was a wonderful experience and one that I hope I get to do many more times in the future, but I want to remind everyone that it was my FIRST time being on television (other than the AETN’s 2016 First District Congressional Debate last October). I make that caveat because like anything else worth doing, there is a learning curve…who knew so many things happen behind the scenes while a show is being recorded? Now I know what to pay attention to and what to ignore and I’ll let Steve cut me off when he wants rather than me trying to manage the time myself.

I’d also like to say that I really enjoyed meeting UCA political science professor Heather Yates and KUAR news director Michael Hibblen for the first time and once again visiting with the wonderful, talented staff at AETN both in front of the camera (Steve Barnes) and behind.

Another challenge we were faced with is that the show was recorded mid-morning Friday, but none of that day’s court decisions had been handed down yet, so we were essentially “flying blind.” Nevertheless we gave an overview of the situation up to that point and offered what we believed would happen next.

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