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as published in the Blytheville Courier News on Monday, October 10, 2016

Founding father John Dickinson, in The Liberty Song (1768) wrote, “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all, by uniting we stand, by dividing we fall; in so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed, for heaven approves of each generous deed.”Not too long again, during “pax Americana”, an attack on one American was an attack on all. We were united and proud to be so. Our enemies were mostly external of ourselves, though admittedly we had plenty of skeletons and demons in our own closets as a nation. But today, if you listen to the mainstream media or sit in most any college classroom long enough, you are more likely to find attacks upon America than defense of her. You may not want to believe it, but its true. I have witnessed first hand the change over the past twenty-eight years.

Division is celebrated, encouraged, promoted and if that doesn’t work — it is forced. There is no longer history…there is hyphenated history. The same with identities: there are few plain ol’ Americans. We now have Native-Americans, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, White-Americans, Muslim-Americans and many more.

There are also other divisive groups that we are forced into, that don’t even bother to include the word American, such as conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, straight, homosexual, Christian and non-Christian. There are socialists, communists, anarchists, black lives matter, tea partiers and occupiers…and the list goes on and on and on.

While it is true that there has always been diversity in America, at least to some degree, those diverse characteristics did not constantly pit us at war with each other. We were still united in a common belief and mission. It is time we stop being manipulated and regain that lost unity. With that goal in mind, I will attempt to give my perspective on what it means to be an American non-hyphenated.

Anybody can be from the United States – but to really be an American you must meet a few standard qualifications:

Americans believe that ALL people are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain liberties that man and government cannot take away. Life, liberty and the right to own property are but three of them. It’s up the individual person to remain equal. Hard work increases, while corruption or laziness diminishes, but it is solely the responsibility of the individual. There is no Constitutional or God-given right to equality in all things, otherwise known as “fairness”, just equal opportunity and freedom.

Americans are freedom lovers for ALL people. Americans believe that when one person or group of persons is oppressed, we are all oppressed. Americans will never stand for discrimination. Americans carry the banner of freedom and advance the cause of mankind everywhere. They attempt to conquer, not by conquest, but by advancing the cause of freedom for all people, everywhere.

Americans are individualistic in that they are skeptical of big government and tyrants. They are self-reliant, not wanting a handout but rather a hand up. Americans aren’t trying to find the next scam; they are looking for the next opportunity.

Americans are rugged, problem solvers that possess an outstanding work ethic and a unique ingenuity that has advanced science and technology and industry more than any other nations in the history of the world.

Real Americans are future minded, vigilant to protect their children and grandchildren’s liberty, while working their tails off to lift their families up onto their own shoulders to assure they rise even higher than themselves. When they vote or make policy decisions, they don’t just look at today’s conditions, they also consider how their actions will affect their great-grandchildren’s future liberty.

Americans are united, martial and evangelistic even, when necessary. Real Americans do not seek to be the global bully, but they are willing to be the guardians of those that are oppressed and defenders of freedom. Real Americans realize that once freedom is lost, it is not easily regained. Therefore they make sure that the light of freedom remains lit (even when great sacrifice is required). I refer you to WWII, the cold war and the current war against the murderous tyranny of radical, jihadi terrorism.

Americans are blessed and clearly a unique nation in the history of the world. Some can attribute that to bountiful resources (as though no other country has had bountiful resources), but I attribute it to the gracious God that so many generations of past Americans have prayed to and served.

Lastly, Americans are a blessing to the world. We are generous in humanitarian relief, missionary when it comes to eradicating unnecessary diseases and reducing world hunger, brave when it comes to resisting dictators and charitable with education and technology.

Having explained what a true American is; I cannot fathom why some of the greatest critics of America today are those that sleep under the very blanket of American blessings, freedoms and benefits. They also seem to expend every ounce of their energy to cast off the principles and beliefs of their fathers to imitate the very nations that have NOT experienced our blessings, accomplished our advancements or enjoyed our freedoms.

That is like a struggling student casting off all of the help, instruction and advice of their college-degreed teacher (and textbook), in order to follow the advice of the local school drop out, simply because they didn’t want to be like the teacher. How dumb.

God bless America!

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