It is time to destroy ISIS

as published in the Blytheville Courier news on Thursday, November 19, 2015

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything,” Albert Einstein

The time has come to completely and utterly destroy ISIS. This is not simply a response to what happened in Paris. It is long overdue and it must be done very soon or this world will surely plunge into World War III.

History gives us many examples that should guide us as we answer the question of what to do. They ALL point toward dealing with this horrible evil before it gets too big to be dealt with. Evil is real and always win when “good people” bury their head in the sand and do nothing.

Until ISIS, perhaps the worst manifestation of evil in history was Adolph Hitler and his henchmen. I posit that ISIS is even worse! Hitler and his demonic horde took advantage of a world that was war-weary and desirous of isolationist policies to strengthen themselves and grow until very nearly unstoppable. ISIS is doing the same thing today.

Hitler pointed to what he called a great (though distant) historical injustice as justification for mistreating, exploiting and stealing from millions of powerless victims. ISIS is doing the same thing.

ISIS points back to the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and how the western colonial powers broke up the former Ottoman Empire as a perceived travesty that justifies the reestablishment of another so called Islamic empire. That is the primary reason why they have declared war on the Untied States and Western European nations.

Another reason for their jihad is because they cannot achieve their goals without first weakening western civilization. Unfortunately, ultra liberals in the west and their media mouthpieces are all too eager to assist in the process through watering down what America represents, minimizing ISIS’s crimes in the name of tolerance and by ignoring ISIS atrocities in the liberal controlled mainstream media.

The only way to defeat ISIS is to do two things. First, a real, overwhelming, coordinated multi-national military effort must be deployed to completely root out and destroy all remnants of the evil ISIS cancer. Secondly, western nations must return to their freedom-loving roots and once again advance the themes of liberty, individual worth, republican government and God given human rights.

Ashamedly, all that westerners have stood for recently has been greed. American capitalism is great, but America is not great because of capitalism. America is great because “all men are created equal”. America is great because opportunity is given to all to rise to the highest level that their hard work and God given talents can take them. America is great when it takes a stand. People want something bigger than themselves to believe in. Followers of ISIS want the same thing and in many ways that is precisely why they have been lured into the grips of such malevolency.

Westerners saw many warning signs regarding Hitler in 1938, just as we have seen multiple warning signs with ISIS, but did nothing.

Instead of repeating that mistake and allowing them to get so big they plunge the entire world into a global World War III, it is time to take the gloves off and really take the war to them.

I know westerners are tired of 14 years of war against an invisible enemy with vague military objectives. I know that people are tired of spending billions of dollars waging a war that cannot be measured on a scoreboard. Unfortunately, that is the nature of a guerilla war. I am not calling for a defensive guerilla war. I am calling for a very measurable traditional war, using overwhelming military might. I am calling for the complete extinction of ISIS.

They will not simply throw up their hands and quit. They are suicidal-bombing, highly motivated, fanatical soldiers following demonized leaders that are intent upon causing enough carnage and chaos to usher in the arrival of their “Mahdi.” The Mahdi, they believe, will restore order to the Earth and usher in a global sharia.

Returning to World War II examples, the Japanese people followed a man with absolute religious fervor that included kamikaze warfare. His name was Emperor Hirohito. What broke the link between Shinto and nationalism? Two atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese war machine had become too strong and their fervor became too “white hot”.

We must do something NOW to destroy ISIS before they become as strong and “white hot” as Hitler’s Germany or Hirohito’s Japan. ISIS is even worse.

ISIS has publicly and with great fanfare committed such brutality as numerous beheadings, putting people in cages and setting them on fire, rape, stonings, kidnapping, genocide to purify those Muslims not “Muslim enough” and selling YOUNG women and children into slavery. Old women and men they just kill. They have also driven numerous entire cities into the desert to kill them and have effectively eliminated all that don’t prescribe to their brutal way of life from their “modern state.” They have persecuted, stolen, and looted.

Hitler did a lot of these same things, but they were not done openly. They also became more demonic directly proportional to the power that German held.

How much worse will ISIS get as it becomes more powerful.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


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